Thursday, October 24, 2013

RDP Client for Android and iOS

Within the last few days, Microsoft has released an RDP (remote desktop) client for both Android and iOS. This is apparently the result of Microsoft buying the iTAP RDP application, which was fairly popular for iOS, about a year ago. As of now iTAP is no longer available and the Microsoft RDP clients are.

In the Play store, search for Microsoft Remote Desktop. If you search for RDP, you'll get a lot of other non-Microsoft apps listed. I've tested out the Android version and it seems pretty nice.

Microsoft Remote Desktop client for Andoid

 The controls are simple:
  • By default, it shows full screen.
  • Tap the zoom icon in the middle left for a larger view that you can scroll around it.
  • Tap the keyboard icon in the middle right to bring up a keyboard.
  • Press the menu button on the device to bring up special keys for the keyboard such as shift, control, and the Windows key.
Also note that it includes support for RD Gateways. This is a premium feature in many RDP clients.

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