Saturday, October 19, 2013

IE 11 Problems with OWA

I haven't had a chance to verify yet, but IE 11 appears to have issues working with OWA in Exchange 2007-2013. IE 11 is included in the Windows 8.1 Service Pack.

The core issue seems to be the at IE does not identify itself as IE anymore. Consequently, Exchange Server dumbs down the OWA experience to be sure that it is compatible.

You can update Exchange 2013 to work with IE 11 properly by installing Cumulative Update 2 for Exchange 2013.
You can update Exchange 2010 to work with IE 11 properly by installing update rollup 3 for SP3:
For Exchange 2007 there is currently no update available to fix the server side. Instead, you need to use compatibility mode in IE or InPrivate Browsing.

For a nice article about this and further explanation, see here:
*Updated Nov 26th to include new update that is available for Exchange 2010

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