Monday, November 24, 2014

Searching the Message Tracking Log for Virus Recipients

We had a client get infected with a virus today that used Outlook for sending messages out. This was unusual. Most viruses attempt to deliver email themselves and can be blocked by the firewall. Because this virus used Outlook, the messages were sent through the Exchange server which is allowed to deliver email to the Internet.

Three specific users got infected and I wanted to be able to inform those that were sent messages not to open them. I could get this information from the message tracking log based on the subject of the message. I used three commands to dump the information to a text file.

First, get the list of messages sent by a specific user:
$UserMessages=Get-MessageTrackingLog -Start "MM/DD/YYY 00:00:00AM" -Resultsize Unlimited | Where-Object {$_.MessageSubject -like "SubjectOfVirusMessage" -and $_.EventID -like "Send" -and $_.Sender -like "SenderEmailAddress"

Second, build a list of message recpients:
ForEach ($m in $UserMessages) {$UserRecipients=$UserRecipients+$_.Recipients}

Finally, dump to text file.
$UserRecipients > C:\UserRecipients.txt

I then provided the text file to each user to inform the necessary recipients.

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