Wednesday, August 2, 2023

Immutable ID, ms-ds-consistencyGUID, and object GUID conversions

It seems like I'm constantly need to convert immutable IDs and GUIDs as part of my M365 migrations. To simplify this I finally got around to writing some functions that simplify the work instead of looking them up all the time.

I created the following:

  • Convert-ImmutableIDToGUID
  • Convert-ImmutableIDtoHexString
  • Convert-ImmutableIDtoByteArray
  • Convert-ByteArrayToGUID
  • Convert-GUIDToImmutableID
  • Convert-HexStringToGUID
  • Convert-HexStringToImmutableID
  • Convert-ByteArrayToImmutableID

To make these available at a powershell prompt, you can load them as part of your powershell profile or dot source a script that contains.

Example of dot sourcing:

. c:\scripts\convertfunctions.ps1

Code for the functions:

# Example immutable ID to play with
# $ImmutableID = "GJo33fsMIUKvmIIyTOSjzg=="

function Convert-ImmutableIDToGUID {
    param ($ImmutableID)
    return $guid

function Convert-ImmutableIDtoHexString {
    param ($ImmutableID)
    $hexstring=([Convert]::FromBase64String($ImmutableID) | ForEach-Object ToString X2) -join ' '
    return $hexstring

function Convert-ImmutableIDtoByteArray {
    param ($ImmutableID)
    return $bytearray

#When you retrieve ms-ds-consistencyGUID from AD it is a byte array
#to avoid this conversion use [guid]$user.'ms-ds-consistencyGUID'
function Convert-ByteArrayToGUID {
    param ($bytearray)
    return $guid

#works with GUID object or string in GUID format
function Convert-GUIDToImmutableID {
    param ($guid)
    $immutableID = [system.convert]::ToBase64String(([GUID]$guid).ToByteArray())
    return $immutableID

function Convert-HexStringToGUID {
    param ($hexstring)
    $guid = [GUID]([byte[]] (-split (($hexstring -replace " ", "") -replace '..', '0x$& ')))
    return $guid

function Convert-HexStringToImmutableID {
    param ($hexstring)
    $ImmutableID = [system.convert]::ToBase64String([byte[]] (-split (($hexstring -replace " ", "") -replace '..', '0x$& ')))
    return $ImmutableID

function Convert-ByteArrayToImmutableID {
    param ($bytearray)
    $ImmutableID = [system.convert]::ToBase64String($bytearray)
    return $ImmutableID

<# Use Example

$msdsconsistencyGUID = (Get-ADUser Byron -properties *).ms-ds-consistencyGUID
$ImmutableID = Convert-ByteArrayToImmutableID -bytearray $msdsconsistencyGUID
Set-AzureADUser -ImmutableID $ImmutableID


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