Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Docker Fails to Start on Reboot

For the last couple of weeks I've been working with Windows containers using Docker. I ran into a severe problem with the networking. I created a transparent network on the host and rebooted. After reboot, the docker service wouldn't start and had the following error in the event logs:
Log Name:      Application
Source:        docker
Event ID:      4
Task Category: None
Level:         Error
Error starting daemon: Error initializing network controller: error obtaining controller instance: failed to get endpoints from store: failed to decode endpoint IPv4 address () after json unmarshal: invalid CIDR address:
My first fix for this issue was to delete the following file:
  • C:\ProgramData\docker\network\files\local-kv.db
After this file was deleted, I was able to start the Docker service and it stayed running. That file was recreated when the docker service started and I was able to run docker commands.
Running docker network ls showed me that a transparent network I had created just before the restart was broken. That network was renamed a long random string. At this point, I could delete the randomly named transparent network, but a new one came back after each restart of either the Docker service or the host.

The final fix to stop that recurrence was running:

.\WindowsContainerNetworking-LoggingAndCleanupAide.ps1 -Cleanup -ForceDeleteAllSwitches

That script is provided by Microsoft on GitHub here:
It's also worth noting that others are also having this issue:

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