Sunday, April 2, 2017

Dell Open Manage System Administrator Hangs (or Unavailable)

Just ran into an issue on Dell servers using the Dell Open Manage System Administrator software. This software runs on the server to let you see hardware details such as failed components and RAID configuration.

My first issue was when running the System Administrator icon from the desktop. This icon opens up and web page to access System Administrator. However, when Internet Explorer was launched, it came up with the error:
This page can't be displayed
So, I did the standard stuff:
  • restart services
  • verify DNS resolution
  • verify port 1311 is not blocked by firewalls and is listening
Everything looked good, but it wasn't working. One person on a discussion group indicated that they found it was because the older versions of System Administrator used older encryption algorithms for TLS and so the browser was blocking connectivity.

I attempted to resolve it first by updating the existing installation of Server Administrator. This changed the problem to hanging while trying to access the app, but didn't fix it.

The final fix was to remove older versions of System Administrator and install the latest version fresh. It seems that upgrading kept some older incorrect settings. The new install wiped out the older settings and all was good.

So, if Server Administrator is reporting "This page can't be displayed" or hanging when you attempt to access it, try an uninstall and reinstall. You don't need to reboot.

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