Monday, May 26, 2014

Adding Favorites to Visual Studio Explorer

When I do course writing projects for Microsoft, we use Source Control Explorer from Visual Studio to control access to the documents. You may also know this as Team Foundation Studio (TFS).

I recently upgraded my laptop and at the same time downloaded the version of Source Control Explorer for Visual Studio 2013. Previous versions would start at the same point in the file structure as where I left off. But VS 2013 likes to collapse the entire folder structure and forces me to browse through the whole structure to get to my work.

Fortunately, I've just found a free add on for Visual Studio that lets you create favorites. I'm not using this to get me where I need to be in the folder structure more quickly. It's a minor thing, but it saves me a few minutes each time I open it.

To learn more or obtain this extension see the developer's web page here:
Also, for Visual Studio 2013, it does not work unless you also install the Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 Shell (Isolated) software. If this is missing, the extension doesn't load properly. This is noted by the developer, but it's easy to miss. You can obtain the necessary software here:

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