Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Common Blackberry and BES Issues

We have several clients using Blackberry devices and Blackberry Enterprise Servers (BES), which allow the Blackberry devices to integrate with Exchange mailboxes. I should also note that there is a version of BES called Professional edition (or something similar to that). The Professional edition is the same as BES, but is free and limited to 25 users. Where I live (Winnipeg, Canada) you get a free Professional licence with each Blackberry device.

The two most common issues we see:
  • Device suddenly unable to send or receive email. We are seeing this on newer devices and seems to be a weird hardware/OS issue in the device. The only fix we have found for it is removing and replacing the battery. This forces a full reboot (no data lost). We have not been able to determine any specific circumstances that cause the issue.
  • Device able to receive new messages, but not send. This occurs when the service account for the BES server does not have the correct permissions to the mailbox of the user. The fix for this one is to give the BES service account Send As permissions to the user. Again, this seems to be a somewhat random error. It happens to individual users sometimes and we've never found a source.

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