Sunday, February 24, 2013

Exchange 2010 Mailbox Move Hung at 95%

I'm doing a migration from Exchange 2007 to Exchange 2010 has run into an issue with some mailboxes hung at the status of "Completing". If you look at the log for the move, it indicates that it is at 95% and getting the final incremental data after the initial move. These moves were hung for a couple of hours in this state.

There are several suggestions for fixing this online:
  • Verify that AD permissions are inheriting to the user account.
  • Restart the Exchange Mailbox Replication Service
I verified the permissions and restarted the Exchange Mailbox Replication Service with no effect. After restarting this service, there were errors in the mailbox move log about the mailbox already being in the process of being moved and that it could not connect. My thought at this point is to restart services on the Exchange 2007 side to hopefully release those mailboxes

When I looked at the application log on the Exchange 2007 server, I noticed that there was an error about the Mailbox Submission Service not responding for 30 minutes. This added to my suspicions about the Exchange 2007 actually causing the original completing error.

After restarting the Exchange services on the Exchange 2007 server all was good. To allow the Information Store service to restart, I needed to suspend all of the queued moves. Until I did that, it hung at stopping.

After restarting, a couple of the moves that were completing failed and other completed. Not a problem, as moving those failed mailboxes again was easy enough.

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