Thursday, October 11, 2012

Install the SCOM 2012 Agent with PowerShell

I'm creating some lab activities and we're using the System Center 2012 - Operations Manager SP1. I'm not sure if this is causing our issue or we're just too low on memory in the VM. However, when I attempted to automatically deploy the Operations Manager agent to a Windows 2012 server, it was failing.

If you've done the deployment of the agent before, normally, when you deploy the agent a window opens that shows the deployment process. On my Operations Manager server, this window flickered then disappeared.

The solution for me in the short term was to use PowerShell to push out the agent. I used the following code:
$mServer = Get-SCOMManagementServer -Name server.domain.local
Install-SCOMAgent -Name target.domain.local -PrimaryManagementServer $mServer
If you have multiple computers that you want to deploy to at the same time, you can provide an array of computer names as a variable for the Name parameter in the Install-SCOMAgent.

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